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I’m an artist by trade in Portland, Oregon, in need of an outlet during these wild times of rapid change and upheaval. Many creative types feel they need to present themselves as a “brand”, with a specific message, style, and limited range of subject matter. I’m not interested I that. I’m not a brand. Branding is for cattle. I’m an individual with a vast range of interests, and I’m effected by the chaos in the world as much as anyone else.

I tend to write about:

  • Secret Histories

  • Media’s Effect On Us

  • Overlooked News Stories & Their Consequences

  • Poetry / Visual Poems

  • Recipes

  • Art (art education, advice, what I’m working on, the art world, etc.)

  • The occasional comic gag

Hey, if commercial magazines can write about such a wide range of topics, why not indie guys?

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